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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Photos from a Pink camera (or not)

Posted on by Sarah

If you have been reading this blog you would know that this is usually the spot where my 7 year old daughter displays her photographic talents by posting the photos … Continue reading

Shhh, don’t tell them they’re learning

Posted on by Sarah

  Glenn and I were allowed out of the house last night to help celebrate one of our friends birthdays, thank you so much for having a birthday and deciding … Continue reading

The male one

Posted on by Sarah

A cry from the dark, a pause, followed by the unmistakable slap of bare feet on floor boards. My gaze slides from desperate tears of a courtroom liar to hang expectantly in the hall way. here they come now, green pyjamas smothered in spiders staggering toward me. I look at my boy, an island of testosterone in a sea of pink. Continue reading

The Doll is finished, finally

Posted on by Sarah

The poor sewing machine is still in the hospital having his knob seen to, so it has taken me a little longer than the one night promised to finish this doll. The little girl who was in the car accident turned up for half a day today and collected the mountain of get well gifts off her desk. Continue reading

Sometimes I worry about this one

Posted on by Sarah

  Knock Knock Who’s there Chicken Chicken who Chicken who walks on the road and lays eggs that gets smashed up by a car.

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