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Monthly Archives: September 2009

What we woke up to this morning

Posted on by Sarah

Apparently the colour of the day is ORANGE!, who knew?? Continue reading

Something to calm the soul

Posted on by Sarah

Poor little Sabrina bean hasn’t been doing much of this lately. In fact for the last week she hasn’t slept at all unless she’s in the arms of someone she … Continue reading

Photos from a Pink Camera

Posted on by Sarah

These are the photos that Alanah my 7 year old took this weekend, sorry I think she was feeling creative. Continue reading

A little DIYTLC

Posted on by Sarah

Poor neglected House has gotten some long over due attention today. My trusty little assistant and I began the exfoliation treatment this morning while Sabi slept. I have to admit, … Continue reading

The solution to the traffic light problem

Posted on by Sarah

Due to a slight misunderstanding this morning where I said ” Elijah, please go to the bathroom and clean your teeth” and he heard “Elijah please climb out the bathroom window and get stuck on top of the water heater” we were running slightly behind schedule. Continue reading

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