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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Monstar Boy turns 6

Posted on by Sarah

Eli turned six last Wednesday. If you were to look at this blog as a record of love and attention it may appear that the dreaded sin of favouring one … Continue reading

When four year olds pick playtime.

Posted on by Sarah

And it’s only 5 min to school pick up, AGgghhh!

Where’s the empathy switch I need to turn it off.

Posted on by Sarah

I arrived at the school pick up a little late yesterday, I know completely unheard of I’m such an organized person, Hum well, In my dreams. My point being anyway … Continue reading

Do you like your name?

Posted on by Sarah

I’d like to know, really I would because It’s so hard to chose a name for someone else and I have often wondered if my parents made the right choice … Continue reading

Sabrina the Unicorn Princess turns 1

Posted on by Sarah

As of this weekend gone, our beenie girl is officially the laziest baby we have had. Both Lilly and Eli walked when they were 9mths and Alanah walked on her … Continue reading

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