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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Count down to 2010, 11:00

Posted on by Sarah

Not quite midnight and a half but a pretty decent effort for a 4 and a just turned 6 year old. Lani is still with us, at least in theory.

Count down to 2010, 10:00

Posted on by Sarah

  10:00pm brought with it sparklers because we just couldn’t wait and we were getting sleepy and what better way to wake the body up than to hold fire on … Continue reading

Count down to 2010, 9:00

Posted on by Sarah

  And this is how we are going at 9:00, do you think they’ll make it to midnight and a half?? Cute comments from tonight: Lillian: “I hope that tonight … Continue reading

Count down to 2010, 8:00

Posted on by Sarah

  I was going to put a photo up every hour till midnight because the children have assured me that they are all staying up till midnight and a half. … Continue reading

How to cheat at Christmas party food

Posted on by Sarah

Ever found yourself answering something like this "Um, yes of course I remembered the Christmas morning tea tomorrow and sure I’ll bring a plate of food." Then as you wave  … Continue reading

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