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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Quick catch up on what we have been up to.

Posted on by Sarah

Thinking of creative ways to help Lilly learn her letter sounds and form. This has mostly involved food and has all been Lani’s idea, she even asked if we could … Continue reading

My week of blahh

Posted on by Sarah

I don’t like to whinge and complain on here, not that I’m a saint, it’s just that massive emotional purges in public places tend lead right into the inevitable regret … Continue reading

Maths with Lani

Posted on by Sarah

ME:” Adding with nine is easy to remember because Nine always wants to steal a One from the other number in the sum to turn himself into Ten.” Lani: “Shouldn’t … Continue reading

Charlotte’s Web, minus the pig.

Posted on by Sarah

Lucy wasn’t in her web this morning, we couldn’t find her for a while mainly because we were looking up. Then I spotted her in amongst the dead leaves in … Continue reading

Really getting into the theme.

Posted on by Sarah

Alanah’s spider face. Sabrina’s spider face.

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