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Monthly Archives: March 2010

My Place & Yours – Collections

Posted on by Sarah

I feel a little like I’m cheating but I’m not really I swear. When I read that the theme for My Place and Yours hosted at Hello Owls was Collections … Continue reading

How to make pillow case skeletons

Posted on by Sarah

Today we learnt about the importance of Skelingtons. Sorry I know I should use the correct pronunciation but some times the the kids word creations deserve to be spared the … Continue reading

Fitting two kids in a tiny room – Part One

Posted on by Sarah

Renovation update, we have totally given up on the lounge room for now. After a years work involving ripping plastic wood cladding off the walls, finding and repairing whopping great … Continue reading

Creative misunderstandings.

Posted on by Sarah

Eli came home with this creation he made at Riv Kids the home schooling group we attend. He proudly displayed it on the table for his Daddy to see when … Continue reading

My Place & Yours-Top Drawer

Posted on by Sarah

This is my top draw and a decapitated child Wii-ing. As you can see I’m a total neat freak…..mmm….is self delusion aloud on a blog. Maybe not. If you have … Continue reading

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