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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Little Miss Gappy

Posted on by Sarah

She’s very proud can you tell? She’s also slightly creepy like her mother and won’t give them up, not for any not real fairy thing (we have never done the … Continue reading

My Place &Yours- Favourite Shoes

Posted on by Sarah

Yup sorry but mine are icky old hiking shoes. I have had them since year 9 and I adore them. When Lani saw what photo I was putting up she … Continue reading

There’s a Fraction to Much Friction

Posted on by Sarah

I found the kids outside playing with off cuts of wood. Most of their play involved rolling and sliding things down planks of wood so I thought it a good … Continue reading

Masterchef ala Wombat Stew

Posted on by Sarah

There has been a lot of backyard culinary creativity going on around here. Lani, Eli and Lilly have all been totally hooked on MasterChef and Lani is thrilled that Adam … Continue reading

Wombat Stew

Posted on by Sarah

We took the kids to see the Gary Ginivan musical production of Wombat Stew. It was written up as: A Brand New “Gooey, Brewy, Yummy, Chewy” Aussie Musical For Kids! … Continue reading

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