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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Lilly’s Nose Update

Posted on by Sarah

Lilly’s nose is healing nicely, we had quite a few tears over the bandaid removal but other than that it hasn’t been bothering her. The wound has knit together well … Continue reading

Why gardening is dangerous and iPhones are cool

Posted on by Sarah

I thought a day in the sun breathing air that doesn’t consist of wall rebounded virus spittle would be good for us. I may have been wrong. I really want … Continue reading

A Conversation with Eli and Lilly

Posted on by Sarah

We are still stuck at home the chorus of phlegmy choughs preventing us from going near real people. And because my constant command of “no more coughing” is going totally … Continue reading

Triangle Tessellation Placemats

Posted on by Sarah

(sorry it’s not the best photo I can’t figure out how to get a good shot without the glare off the lamination) We are all sick here, well Lani is … Continue reading

Someone Let the Cat Out of the Bag

Posted on by Sarah


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