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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Did I mention Scissors are now banned?

Posted on by Sarah

Sorry Sabrina, these blocks are educational

Posted on by Sarah

We got the book The Story of Inventions half way through last term, I wasn’t looking for it, it just popped up as a You May Also Like This suggestion … Continue reading

What I found on my iPhone

Posted on by Sarah

This is what happens when you set Lilly up with a sight word program and then fail to double check she is actually doing what she was told. And it … Continue reading

How to Make History Come Alive: Natural dyes.

Posted on by Sarah

We have been thinking a lot lately about those shadowy figures who inhabit the distant lands of The Past. And as a way of bringing them alive in our minds … Continue reading

Castle in the Clouds

Posted on by Sarah

How do you teach your kids about history, art, engineering, architecture, environmental issues, collaborating and problem solving all in one day? Easy send them to a friend’s house with the … Continue reading

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