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Monthly Archives: March 2011

My creative space

Posted on by Sarah

I have been to kootoyoo many many times, I love that blog and I really love popping over there on a Thursday to check out all the creative spaces. This … Continue reading

Alanah and Lillian’s 9th and 6th Animal Party

Posted on by Sarah

The location of the girls party was originally the park out the back. I was going to set up a simple party table under the great old Gums and let … Continue reading

Glenn’s Shave in the Newspaper

Posted on by Sarah

If you would like to hear in Glenn’s own words why he wanted to do the World’s Greatest Shave click here to read the article

Cutting the Curls for Cancer

Posted on by Sarah

I have to start this by saying I am so proud of my Glenn he has raised $902 for cancer research. I also want to thank everyone who gave so … Continue reading

Language Fails

Posted on by Sarah

We have been looking at contractions today, it did not run soothly. Me: “I am going to read a word to you and I want you to tell me what … Continue reading

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