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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Egg hunt at Grandma and Granda’s

Posted on by Sarah

Mum and Dad’s backyard is a wonderland of nooks and crannies of hidden corners and jungle like growth. Adventure beckons blossoming imaginations in the rubble of old building projects, the … Continue reading

Easter 2011

Posted on by Sarah

This is where we found Eli Easter morning I guess he was keen to start the lounge room egg hunt. We have never encouraged our children to believe in the … Continue reading

10 years ago he placed a ring on my finger.

Posted on by Sarah

Thursday was our 10th Wedding anniversary. It’s funny really, we fell in love as penniless uni students and for a brief second entertained the idea of waiting, saving, establishing ourselves … Continue reading

Sabrina’s solution to world hunger

Posted on by Sarah


Progress in the Green Room

Posted on by Sarah

  Our poor children have been sleeping in makeshift conditions for so long now Glenn decided he would take a solid week of work in the hope that by the … Continue reading

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