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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Would You Like To Pay It Forward?

Posted on by Sarah

We entered a game over at What we do all Day and were very lucky to be chosen. This pay it forward game is a little different to most blog … Continue reading

Junior Jivers

Posted on by Sarah

As the term is coming to an end I thought I’d show some of the fun things we have managed to squeeze into into it. I mentioned that we have … Continue reading

A little bird told me

Posted on by Sarah

well actually he hardly spoke the whole time he was here, rude thing. If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush how much is one on … Continue reading

Fighting the chill of winter with ice.

Posted on by Sarah

Once a fortnight we join with a large pack of home-schooling kids and take to the ice. Well the kids do I stand around freezing to death occasionally calling out … Continue reading

Introducing my Skin and Blister

Posted on by Sarah

Who now probably hates me for posting this, oh well she lives ages away and death stares over distance just aren’t all that threatening. A while ago I mentioned that … Continue reading

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