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The Sensory Gym

Posted on by Sarah

This term Eli has been going to weekly therapy sessions at a place called The Sensory Gym. Eli has Asperger’s and Sensory Integration Disorder a string of big fancy terms … Continue reading

Never Never Boy

Posted on by Sarah

Totally out of the blue today Eli approaches me visibly upset. “ I’m NEVER ever going to be an adult!” “oh well I think one day you will be” “No … Continue reading

Miss 8

Posted on by Sarah

She’s been hoping all week that she would get a ribbon on a stick after seeing Lilly get hers. You didn’t realize did you that a ribbon on a stick is the most exciting present ever, see all that wasted money on talking robots. Don’t worry I’m not getting preachy on you, it’s just been really funny all week to watch her ogling Lilly’s stick ribbon and declaring quite mater of factly that she should really get one too because “I did really want one the most and for a longer time, even before Lilly did” Continue reading

Five Six Seven

Posted on by Sarah

For five days I had three kids under three, and yes I had my hands full. Every year the kids wait with anticipation for these five days. Turning the girls birthdays into magical monuments standing guard one on each side of a unique moment in time that happens only once every year. Continue reading

Miss 5

Posted on by Sarah

Miss Lilly Pilly’s actual birthday was yesterday and I know I probably should have posted this then but really by the end of it I was just to exhausted. Continue reading

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