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My little bean has autism

Posted on by Sarah

Sabi was officially diagnosed with autism this week. It’s odd really, sort of like we bought a soccer ball, studded boots and team colours four years ago and we’ve been kicking that ball around the field every day since but we have only just gotten around to joining the club. Continue reading

Aunty Jill

Posted on by Sarah

My sister, who lives near the top of Queensland, popped down this weekend for her school reunion. The kids were so excited to see her again, since she has moved out of driving range it’s very hard to spend family time together. Continue reading

Seven ate Nine

Posted on by Sarah

For five days every year the three eldest kids’ ages run consecutively. This year they are seven, eight and nine. Continue reading

Christmas 2011

Posted on by Sarah

I tried to take a Christmas morning photo of all of the kids, but Eli doesn’t do photos and Lilly doesn’t do standing still. We didn’t start opening gifts this … Continue reading

Egg hunt at Grandma and Granda’s

Posted on by Sarah

Mum and Dad’s backyard is a wonderland of nooks and crannies of hidden corners and jungle like growth. Adventure beckons blossoming imaginations in the rubble of old building projects, the … Continue reading

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