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Book Week 2013

Posted on by Sarah

In term three all across Australia the children unite for one massive literature themed dress up party. Just as Halloween is America’s pretend you are someone that you are not … Continue reading

Hey go write a blog post you’ve had a year

Posted on by Sarah

You know what? A years worth of thoughts is hard to get down on the page, or screen or what ever we call it nowadays Continue reading

Homeschool excursion following in Abraham Soloman’s train carriages.

Posted on by Sarah

Following the train artwork of Abraham Solomon Continue reading


Posted on by Sarah

The kids explore the South East Asian festival Parramasa Continue reading

What I meant to write about the Olympics but didn’t because I was sick.

Posted on by Sarah

The kids truly surprised me by showing such a great interest in watching the events, having to be dragged away from the TV at night and wanting it on as soon as they woke to see what had happened while they slept. Continue reading

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