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Cheese Sprinkling TV Stars

Posted on by Sarah

We were on TV!!!! Well mostly Lilly. She has a solo, close up moment in My Kitchen Rules when they are discussing the Spaghetti and Meatball people. The camera captures … Continue reading

There be heroes amongst us

Posted on by Sarah

May I introduce, after one mad hour of frantic costuming, Super Girl, Bat Girl, The Green Lantern and The Shadow. Go on say I did a good job, I need … Continue reading

A Conversation with Eli and Lilly

Posted on by Sarah

We are still stuck at home the chorus of phlegmy choughs preventing us from going near real people. And because my constant command of “no more coughing” is going totally … Continue reading

Budding Thespians

Posted on by Sarah

I’m not even sure how we got to this but I guess this is what home Schooling is all about. We are putting on a play, maybe, if Eli wants … Continue reading

Led up the garden path

Posted on by Sarah

This is a photo of our old, very narrow, constantly flooded and covered in rubble front path. It’s one of the things that has constantly bugged me about this house. … Continue reading

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